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 What is conversaty?

Basically, The conversaty is a Web channel available online presenting the interviews of renown actors,directors,animators.scientist,business men and women.

Establishment of conversaty

Conversaty is a part of MTI Ins.It is a holding company establish in 1995 and the company is based in New York City.They are the major actor actors in promoting the online web channels and associatons and encouraging the team and other independent workers to share talent with this Platform and this platform also given sspace to more 40,000 independent talented directors to show to the world.

Some interviews are available on the conversaty site some important description related to those interviews is available as under.


Interview with Elissa Montanti the founder of Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF)

Elissa Montanti is the Founders and director of GMRF(Global Medical Relief Fund).It is a non-Profit organization which is created and support the humanity the children who are missing from their homes or lost and the people who last their limbs in saviour accidents burnt and caualities and such as who lost their homes in earthquakes and Tsunami etc.

The company was founded in 1997  and it has brought more than 100 children to USA from different countries like Africa,Middle East,Europe and Asia.The organization worked for the people and treated as made them surgeries and lost Limbs.

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There are many other interviews available of stars related to films.The interviews managed by Monty Tammy who is at his best using the platform so far.He interviewed many promotional people related to different fields.The best of him was with The founder of Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) Elissa Montanti. 




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