Creature 3D made a desperate attempt to scare the people but sadly didn’t work

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Let’s start by giving you readers a description of the so called creature “brahma-rakshasas” in the movie Creature 3D which is directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring the “Jism” girl Bipasha basu and Imran Abbas Naqvi. This movie falls under the genre of “lizard or chipkali movie” rather than a horror chick flick.

Getting back on describing the creature which is a large sized lizard with a long swishing tail, scaled skin and on top of all this it has a half human face with green eyes. Your imagination will fall short until and unless you get a glimpse of this creature.

Another fact which will want you to run for your life is not from the creature but from Bipasha Basu as her continuous screams will surely give you a migraine attack quite soon after the movie starts. The three characters who have meaty roles in the movie are the leading lady Bipasha who is the fearless entrepreneur in the movie, along with her love interest Naqvi and the professor Dev who has the classic theory for the emergence of the “brahma-rakshasas” attacking the people soon after Bipasha opened her boutique hotel.

To know the movie Creature 3D first you should go through the Hindu mythology classes as without it (or even with it) you will be lost. In this movie you will find the use of the ‘holy water’ along with the firing of the bullets from an ancient rifle and what's more is the ancient scared temple (pracheen purana mandir) which you must have guessed by now. And if you are brave enough to watch this movie you should know what the so called ‘brahma-rakshasas’ which is, the main USP of the movie, are priests who for using their evil powers are turned into ugly creatures, according to the legend. A friendly advice - Don’t forget to take a Disprin with you!

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