Crying and Its Health benefits

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Heaven knows, we need not to be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried--more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle"--Charles Dickens



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Why do you cry?

Is it because you are in pain?

Or is it because of overwhelming joy?

Or just upset of frustrated?

Have you ever cried?

I cry a lot. It is my way of letting my burdens out, cleansing my heart and soul, that is when I am in deep pain. I get teary too when I am happy, maybe or simply overjoyed.

Seeing a woman cry looks normal, seeing a man cry can create some thoughts. But I have seen men cry. My father cried when he heard the death of my sister's baby, he cried when our mother died.

My brothers cried too during our parents interment. And even the youngest among my male siblings, cried most of the time when my sister died, and we tagged him as the "best actor", for they were the closest among our siblings.

If you have reasons to cry, I have mine too.



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Don't be ashamed to weep, 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit can not grow without water But there must be sunlight too A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us"--Brian Jacques 

When do I cry?

1. When I am in pain. Who doesn't? It is reasonable right?

2. When I remember some memories, painful or happy memories.

3. Watching drama. Whether a local movie, or foreign, or those korean dramas, I cry a lot. I don't know if I am still fine, too much crying.

4. I cry when I am very upset and angry.

But, did you know that crying can be healthy?

To weep is to make less the depth of grief." --William Shakespeare


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Suprising benefits of crying.

Emotions can really be overwhelming, some can face it, some don't. And with those who cry a lot like me, I mean that GOOD CRY, here are some benefits of crying.

1. Being vulnerable helps you connect with the others. Most people can still be compassionate, whether a friend, a family or even that stranger on the street. 

2. Confronting with your feelings help you move forward with life. This maybe for those who have broken hearted. Crying can somehow makes your eyes clearer, that you will be able to see the brithger side of what you have been through.

3. Expressing your emotions helps you to be creative. I write more when I am crying, I think more, I don't know why but yes. That personal touch in everything that I write seems to be more or longer.

4. Realeasing your tears can flush out toxins. Yes, it make syou feel better after a good cry. Not that kind of cry that is close to whining or complaining though.

5. Letting go of your baggage helps you end your suffering. I tried amany times holding back my tears, and it stops me from breathing, it gave me this lump on my throat, that is suffering for me. Felt suffocated.

6. Crying helps you deal with stress. Though I am thinking that Strees can make me cry, I think more of that GOOD CRY part. I agreehow stress can be dealt after crying, it clears the mind more.

7. Weeping helps you come to terms with a loss. When we just lost someone, we cry, when there is too much of our emotions that we can not handle, we end  up crying. And it is a good thing for someone will lend their shoulders or give you hug.

8. Having a good cry will make you feel better. Take note of the good cry and not silly cry.

9. Being unafraid to cry makes you strong. It takes a lot of courage to show the world that you can shed a tear or tears too. Despite that branding of crying as a sign of weakness.

Now, you can have a good cry, and justify it with its benefits.

Crying relieves pressure in soul"--Toba Beta


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Things about tears.

After crying, have you ever wonder those tears? Why do they taste like a little bit salty? Here are some of the facts about tears.

1. There is more than one type of tears. Tears are not created equal. The tears that is always there is called the BASAL TEARS. They are there to have our eyes be lubricated, nourish and protect our eyes. And the second type of tears is called the reflex tears. They are responsible in protecting our eyes from irrittants like wind, smoke or onions. These two tears has some evidence that suggests that they are two different tears

Emotional tears is the third type. Base with its name, this is the tears that comes out with the during a fight or a movie. And this kind of tears is said to might have a protein than the other types of tears. 

2. Biochemically, the composition of tears is similar to saliva. They are made out of protein, salt and hormones.

3. Women really do cry more often than men. I am not going to argue with it.

4. Tears come from lacrimal gland

5. There is anatomical reason why crying makes your nose run. Have you ever wonder on this too? Well, according to a reseacher, the nose is running because the tears actually go into the nasal passages.  Some ends up in your nose, so your nose runs. 

6. Syn-propanethial-S-oxide is the reason why onions makes you cry. That is the chemical irritant that stimutales the lacrimal gland, that makes you cry while chopping onions.

7. Crocodile tears are real. Yes. Not just an idomatic expression with sadness or grief though according to studies.


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If you wanted to cry, have a good cry, there is nothing wrong with crying, it does help you make you feel much better, makes you more more aware, makes you more human. And with the benefits, you have a lot of reason to have or give yourself a good cry if you have to.

Here is a video about the benefits of crying.

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