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Received some great news this weekend that Dawid and Dominik is showing at my hometown film festival, Maidstone Film Festival. It's a new festival, so I wish the very best of luck to the organisers. To celebrate, I've uploaded an excerpt from the film:


I’ve pulled out a production history from the Press Pack for you to read:

The production of Dawid and Dominik started in September 2011, when Andy Salamonczyk started his graduation year at Staffordshire University, studying Media Production. The brief was to produce a short 5-10 minute film using fellow students and professionals from the film industry, and the film was to be completed by January 2012.

After going through a number of draft scripts, the shoot of Dawid and Dominik was being organised, and with it having 13 scenes, 5 locations and a cast of 13, all to be shot within just two days, scheduling was important.

 Andy Salamonczyk and his casting team found the main cast through an auditioning process at Staffordshire University, where a cast of 13 professional actors were chosen from over 50 applicants.

 As the university course required students to help on each others film as well as their own in a hectic 3 week-shoot period, Andy Salamonczyk and his crew of 12 managed to fulfil their job roles after being on various shoots just a few hours before.

The shoot was very successful, for such an experienced crew and for such a complicated schedule, and all who took part enjoyed the filming process.

Check out the imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2246641/

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Andy Salamonczyk is a short film director from South-East England. He graduated with a first class honours in Media Production from Staffordshire University, and has had films screened at Empire Leicester Square, the BFI and BAFTA HQ, and picking up several awards including Shooting People's Film of the Month award…

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