Dead Pool 2 movie review: An MCU success

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The movie Dead Pool 2: An MCU success

Fabian Nicieza  and Rob Liefeld  are American comic book writers and creators. They created the fiction character DeadPool which was first featured in the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine  in the year 2009 starring Hugh Jackman  and produced by Marvel Entertainment. The first DeadPool movie was successful in 2016. The second movie in 2018 was also a success.

The second movie was eagerly awaited for. This is because the character played by Ryan Raynolds-DeadPool was fascinating, entertaining and dangerous!

DeadPool is a superhero movie with the protagonist a full-mouth hero. The movie is a success for Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU in 2018. I bet people are expecting the sequel to continue like in the Case of Avenger

The movie was Directed by David Leitch  and written by Rhett ReesePaul Wernickand Ryan Reynold. Having succeeded in the first movie, David Leitch created something that captures the attention of it viewers & keeps them entertained for 1:59 minutes.

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This is fantastic; as we see comic characters come to life. Exhibiting the features they possess in their comic state. It is clearly the work of a genius.  A masterpiece combines with Marvel Computer Generated Image (CGI) to ease the mind of many and meet them at the point of their needs.

An immortal superhero with slow healing abilities than Wolverine and always angry about the death of Wolverine.

Fuck Wolverine. First,  he rides my coattails with the R-rating, and then, that hairy motherfucker ups the ante by dying. What a dick. Well, guess what, Wolvie? I'm dying in this one, too.


Dead pool had to go and change the timeline using Cable Time travel Device.

The Short Story of the Movie

Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds is a contract killer/an assassin that accepts odd jobs in the form of assassination. The jobs normal contract killers would not dare to take. He always comes back alive, thanks to his slow healing factor.

After taking a job and was in a hurry to return to his girlfriend played by Morena Baccarin failed to finish off his mark, tragically, the mark followed him to his apartment, after a gunfight, killed his girlfriend.

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DeadPool successfully followed the mark and put an end to him. To pass time and deal with his grief, he spends three days in a bar drinking and mourning. All efforts to console him prove abortive. From the bar, wade visit his old friend, Blind Al, and her words of advice are-

Listen to the pain. It’s both history teacher and fortune teller. Pain teaches us who we are, Wade. Sometimes it’s so bad we feel like we’re dying, but we can’t really live until we die a little, can we?

Blind Al 

DeadPool AKA Wade Wilson decides he wants to try dying, so he blew himself up in his apartment. He woke up in the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters under the tutelage of Colossus.

Dead Pool first mission as an X-men Trainee alongside Colossus was to rescue a young mutant who is on the rampage. But Pool ends up killing some people which led him to be taken to prison for mutants with the young mutant Firefirst. A supermax prison for mutants, with collar damping power device about their necks.

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Soon afterwards, comes  Cable a character played by  Josh  Brolin, a soldier from the future in search of the one who killed his family Firefist. Firefirst, in the near future, became a murderer after testing murder.

DeadPool- is one character in of MCU that is not a good guy nor a bad guy- he just does his things with his own sets of moral compass.

The Movie Content

DeadPool  2 has been greatly anticipated, no wonder it became a success.  Over the years, the movie Dead Pool differs from the original comic by Marvel in a sense. The style and story-line is for entertainment.

Marvel Comics DeadPool 2, a magnificent character, a superhero that never shuts up,  always complaining about Wolverine. The movie sequel was among the best thing that happened to the MCU universe in 2018.

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Personally, DeadPool 2 is a success and I would suggest you go watch the movie. Apart from the outburst of the character -DeadPool, I think this a wonderful movie that you can enjoy on a weekend with friends and a bucket of Popcorn. This script was written to be in accordance with the character, which made DeadPool 2 a masterpiece, a movie to watch indeed!

it’s undeniable that comics portrayed characters in such a way that sometimes, the character’s abilities, capabilities and functionalities cannot be explained in details when writing the movie and directing it under 2 hours. Well! I do believe some amount of justice was done to Dead Pool 2. This, however, has made the film popular as any other Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. (MCU).

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As you may have surmised, Marvel always takes time in making a Masterpiece. DeadPool 2  is no different. A forefront of Fantasy, Superherism, funny and also entertaining.   Although the movie has a lot of Computer Generated Image (CGI), I think that director  David Leitch and Ryan Reynolds have a nice and cosy view of the goal and they delivered.

It's a family film?

Wade Wilson AKA Dead Pool

And believe it or not, Deadpool 2 is a family film. True story. And every good family film starts with a vicious murder. Bambi The Lion King, Saw 7


After watching Deadpool 2, I don’t agree with the above utterance by Wade Wilson. It is not a family film, there was too much murder at the beginning of the movie and a lot of foul languages. This can’t be a family film.

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The humour of Deadpool 2

 Deadpool is a movie with a very dark beginning. Too much blood shade, despite not being a family film, it has a lot of humour. The main Character Ryan Reynolds became the perfect fit for the character Deadpool.

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The movies depict Deadpool and Cable having perfect synergy and combo. A character with a sense of humour and a character that has zero sense of humour. Deadpool 2 will lighten up your sadness, claim your nerves down and make you remember not your sorrows for quite some time.

video credits: 20th Century Fox via Youtube 

A movie you will enjoy not for the bloodshed, but also for the humour. Definitely, a movie to watch with friends and not family.

On a final note about Dead Pool 2  

I do think that Deadpool 2 is among the best superhero movies of 2018. The interesting thing about the movie is the character acted by Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool. The action and humour will encourage you to want to watch the movie for the second time straight in a single night.

A character grief and decided to die in order to live, but when he was rejected by his dead girlfriend spirit, he rethinks life and take few steps backwards.

Enjoy Deadpool 2 and leave a remark of what you think of the movie!


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