Dealing with Difficulties

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How do you deal with difficult situations at work? This can also be applied in other aspects. How often you deal with difficult subordinates or workmates?

Participants Opposing Action Plan

As a supervisor/manager you have all the option to discuss action planning in a group or through one-on-one coaching (if this calls for developing a specific individual) – thus dealing with difficulties is one of the focuses. Normally, people, your direct reports are against the plan or want to see another plan.

Your Goals and Priorities

Most of the time, people in your team don’t share the same opinion or goal. It is better to clarify the group’s goal to reduce resistance. You can set these or your group. You can also get help from your direct superior. When planning how to get a budget from the incentives, the goal should be set clearly. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.


This is an acronym used by many supervisors and managers to set their goals.
Goal should be:
S – Specific. Of course when setting goals, it should be specific. Set the tone – and make sure that both parties can understand the goal.
M – Measurable. Give goal that is based on previous performance. Example of this is using increments. Say an employee is only producing around 25%, where the goal is 35%, goal should be measurable by the previous month’s data. You can goal for 27%.
A – Attainable. When we set a measurable goal, the action plan should be easy to execute to reach the set target.
R – Realistic. In relation to measurable, you make sure to set a realistic goal based on action plan and previous data. You can’t goal for 35% right away if the actual data is 25%.
T – Time Bound. The goal should be attained based on the action plan by giving time frame to improve.
If your direct reports disagree with the action plans and goals – first thing you need to do is to ask for suggestions. It will be a great goal setting if you ask your people what they can do to achieve the goal.
You will surely get opposing, that’s normal. Try to ensure that most of your direct reports agree to the plans. If you think you need assurance ask once more – ask clarification.
Happy goal setting!

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