Deforestation: (causes and effects):

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Deforestation: (causes and effects):

The destruction or removal of trees from land without proper planning is called deforestation. Deforestation causes desertification. Trees and forests are one of the most important aspects for animals and their environment. Trees act as filter of carbon dioxide. Forest is known as shelter and habitat of millions of species. But due to human activities more than 50% trees have disappeared from land and this causes the formation of deserts. To prevent the desertification, reforestation is required under proper planning.


  • Causes of Deforestation:

  1.    Economic benefits:                                              

                       It is due to short term economic benefits to individuals timber mafia is active in cutting of trees.

        2.  Urban construction:

                        Cutting down trees for building materials furniture and paper making is another cause of deforestation.

         3. Agriculture:

                       Cutting down of trees for cultivation of crops, building farms and other food growing land is another cause of deforestation.

          4.  Grazing land:

                       Huge herd of cattle require grazing land, therefore deforestation can also occurs due these circumstances.

           5.  Use for fuel:           

                         Cut down trees is used as fire wood or converted it to charcoal which is used for cooking and heating purpose.

           6.  Commercial purpose:           

                 For oil and mining exploration, making highways and roads.

             7. Illegal logging:

                       Timber mafia cut down the trees for easy cash.

Effects of deforestation:


  1. Soil erosion
  2. Destruction
  3. Flooding and drought
  4. Climate change (greenhouse effect)
  5. Species extinction
  6. Global warming
  7. Desertification
  8. Loss of biodiversity


To avoid these adverse effects, extensive programmed of fenestration and reforestation are required on the large scale.

  • Some issues of conservation in Pakistan:

    In Pakistan, deforestation and hunting is the two main factors which has damage our biodiversity. The rapid growth of population and poverty are the main cause of failure to conserve wild life.


    Some species like markhor, Ibex, marcopolo sheep, falcon, houbara bustard population has reduced rapidly due to hunting by foreigners.


    For fishing, the explosion of dynamite in rivers, lakes and ponds has damaged fish species like blind dolphin etc.


    Musk bear are hunted illegally for their glands which is used for making perfume. They can be protected only in national parks. All these factors are directly affect our biodiversity. It is our duty to conserve it.


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