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Despotism in mean is called oppress. when one how which do not observe justice. and despotism to other is called despotic. and Allah not be pleased from this persion, and dont love that person which do despotism. then we must try always which be merseful and observe justice.


befor from advent the Islam holy relagion on the earth was ruling infidelity,despotism and fear. in the every where to be acomplished ingratituade.women do not have right among society.when in a house found a gairl all the member of that family became sad.



wealty person was being inequalities and corruption. poverty which was to bad condation. and had bad days. aggresstion on to gether was reach to last limit . then lord send Prophet (M.P.B.U.H) could annihelate ignorance.and annihelate darkness from every where. and to that place brign light. and that time was which some person become imminent to Islam holy relagion.



Despotism has defrent kind: In beganing to Afghanistan acomplished very despotism, all people can  not go to school specialy women. and can not learn knowladge. and working and serve our country, but now is good from genral .for EX: women can go to school,cours and learn every thing.and all people can life to good way with out any fear.







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حاسنات فرهمند هستم در سال 1375 در شهر هرات متولد شدم هم چنین هم اکنون یکی از محصلین پوهنحی تعلیم تربیه هستم

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