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Proud Being a Waitress


Way back in 2010, i have worked as a waitress in one famous restaurant bar in Singapore. It is my first job there.  Being a waitress……

by Lianne17

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Fun to serve

Madhvi Saxena

to serve the humanity is the best way to thank the god Good is always with us and like to see us working with great way of working……

by madhvi-saxena

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A currency

Worker Home Ptc

Bit coin is new currency relate in life. Bit coin new in the world from 2013. 1 bit coin is equal to 4 or 5 hundred dollar. 

by Pappu223

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Despotism in mean is called oppress. when one how which do not observe justice. and despotism to other is called despotic. and Allah……

by hasenat

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what is fortune?


It is the question which occurs in every body's mind, but few might have realized its real meaning. We may think if we have economic……

by parnian175

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Home Loving

Niamat Sahabi

Home Loving    Everyone talks about his or her own country, its weather, mountains, rivers, people and many other this or……

by niamat-sahabi

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