Difference between a drunk and a junkie?

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At the moment now, I'm reading a novel written by Lawrence Block. The title of the novel is A Walk Among the Tombstones. It's been made into a movie starring Liam Neeson. It's about a private investigator who's trying to find the murderers of a drug trafficker's wife. I saw the movie but was really interested to know the details of the story and that is why I'm reading the novel from which the movie is based upon.

Anyway, in the novel there was one conversation between two characters who's discussing about the difference between a drunk and a junkie. The conversation goes as such. (This is a direct excerpt from the novel. I'm quoting directly)

"I'm still a drunk and a junkie, man. You know the difference between the two? A drunk will steal your wallet."

"And a junkie?"

"Oh, a junkie'll steal your wallet, too. And then he'll help you look for it."

I wonder if the writer is trying to say that a junkie has a conscience and that is why even after stealing your wallet, he'll help you look for it. What do you think the writer means here?

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