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I can't quite remember the time when I had made these background images. I do know that I have not made any new ones lately, I guess almost two years now but I am definitely excited to make new ones soon. But since I don’t have any new ones yet, I will just share the ones which I had already posted before in my scrapbooking site which is now "unmaintained" as well because of certain priorities. By the way, that blog was a free one and I had hosted the images in a certain online site but had to put it down because I was not maintaining the blog anymore.

Anyways, I can’t recall as to what had inspired me to make this pattern but I will just explain them one by one. Oh yes! I remember, since I named it random, these are the patterns which I had made accidentally like I was just playing around Adobe Photoshop and instantly or accidentally created them. Isn’t it surprising? I love it when I am just playing around and I was able to make something out from that play. So yes, they are just those ones which didn’t fall into any category in my list of patterns and I had combined them altogether.

Let me know your thoughts about them. I am planning to make a separate blog of each of those patterns though and maybe I can submit them for review. I am not sure yet but I am considering that soon. I will just post this first and see if I can really make certain compilation kind of blog about this set of patterns.

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