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Marketing is the most common word we all are aware of. Advertising your product to customers for selling is marketing. Every company, brand, restaurant etc. use marketing strategies for increasing the number of customers. There was a time when the process of marketing was traditional when people go door to door for marketing their product. But today, marketing is transformed into non-traditional. This non-traditional marketing is somehow called digital marketing. Let’s see how Wikipedia define digital marketing.



Digital marketing

In simple words, Digital marketing means doing marketing using the modern digital channels. Digital channels are all those social media platforms that are used by all of usSocial media and the internet have transformed this world into a global village. It is possible for everyone to contact anyone and anything in any part of the earth. A bulk of users visits social media each day. Most famous social media platforms are:



These sites are used globally. Digital marketing uses all these platforms for marketing its products. It is much easy for a company to launch its product globally by using digital channels. There is a hell of a difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing because through traditional marketing only a limited number of customers can see your product. While using digital marketing billions of people can visit your product. It is much beneficial and efficient way for all the sellers.

Power of digital marketing



Digital marketing is getting popular these days. But why is it so? Why every company, brand etc. is shifting towards digital marketing. It’s because the internet has revolutionized our lives completely. As the internet is common now, social media become the necessity of life. About 50% of the total population uses the internet. About 3 billion people use social media. As consumers are present on social media it is essential that sellers should also be there. Interacting consumers through social media becomes much easy for the sellers. The number of customers increases drastically because of digital marketing. Hence, digital marketing has power more than the traditional marketing.

Skills necessary for a digital marketer

A huge number of jobs for digital marketers are available on the internet. You can easily grab these opportunities to make extra money. But you must be thinking that how to become a good digital marketer? The answer is really simple. I am going to discuss the skills that are necessary for being a superb digital marketer. These skills are right below.



Skill#1: Expert in paid advertisements

 If you also want to work as a digital marketer the most important skill you can adopt is expertise in paid advertisements. You must be able to advertise the product through social media platforms like Facebook. All the strategies of being number one on Facebook must be in you. You must be familiar with the environment of Facebook. Posting a unique and different advertising idea is best. Use your own skills of advertising rather than copying others. Research well on the facebook statistics so that, you might be able to work efficiently.



Skill#2: Communication skill must be good enough

When you are working as a digital marketer, you need to communicate with the clients of the company for betterment. There might be a number of clients asking the same thing again and again. In this case, you don’t need to be frustrated, be cool and answer all the queries humbly. You are the representative of the company so you have to be responsible during the conversation.

A person with good communication skill works well in marketing because marketing is all related to communicating with customers.



Skill#3: Ability to think big and positive

Marketing is one of the most exciting and tough jobs of all times. Marketers are the most passionate peoples in an office. They have to observe every fact carefully in order to make decisions that are beneficial for the company. Their judgment and measurement can prove to be superb rather sometimes they fall badly. A digital marketer should be a positive thinker so that he can take risks. If a marketer thinks negative, the whole company can never rise up.



All depends upon positive and big thinking. You must have a clear objective and achieve that objective is the only goal. Keeping the company focused at that objective is the responsibility of a digital marketer.

Skill #4: Sales skills



One of the most necessary skills you need to develop as a digital marketer is sales skills. No matter how best your product is, sales depend upon your ability to engage with people. You should have a sharp and creative mind. Different strategies for increasing sales must be used for the benefit of the company. Increasing sales will automatically increase the overall revenue of a company. Engaging with people to develop trust is the best strategy to increase sales.

Skill#5: You must have captivating storytelling skills

The best way to increase traffic on your advertisements is through storytelling. An advert that contains a lesson or a story by using your product will help people relate. More people will see your product if the advertisement is exciting and in the form of a story. A good storyteller can create better advertisements for the company. This skill will surely help a digital marketer in bringing traffic.

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These are some basic skills that are necessary for a digital marketer. Besides that, you need to be consistent and honest towards your work. Anyone can be a digital marketer by practising these skills. I recommend you to follow these skills to be a good digital marketer.


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