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Blogging, the current trend in the marketing field, has been creating a great impact on many business companies. No wonder why more and more businesses are starting to engage in blogging in order to promote their products and services.

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In one of my blog posts, Different Ways to Earn from Our Blogs, I presented several ways by which we may earn using our own blogs. I also wrote a separate blog post about writing a sponsored post which explained a different approach of presenting a product or service. Blogging is an activity that allows us to implement different earning strategies. 

For this blog post, we will be talking about the process of selling an advertisement space within our blog.

One of the most common ways to earn from our own blog is to place third-party advertisements such as Adsense, Mediavine, Chitika, Infolinks and other advertisements that would earn us a few cents either when visitors clicked our ads or just for viewing those ads.

But did you know that you can sell your own ad space on your blog?


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Yes, one of the great things about having our own blog is the freedom to implement our own programs which includes selling our own ad space.

What Are the Things to Consider When Selling Our Own Ad Space?

The good thing about having our own blog is the freedom to monetize our blog in a way that we find more convenient and profitable for us. However, having a blog alone is not enough. Just like any business, we need to consider several factors in order to get the most from it. It is not enough that we have a blog. We should also consider the following:



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It is one of the most important factors to consider. The more visitors you have in your site, the more advertisers would be encouraged to place an ad on your site. One way of knowing how many visitors we have on our site is through the use of Google Analytics



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It is imperative that you know who your audiences are. Basically, the type of content you have will determine who might be interested in visiting your site. So, if your blog talks about parenthood, most likely, the visitors would be those who have children. If you talk about places, then you can expect visitors who are interested in traveling. 

Meaning your audience will depend most likely on the content you are sharing on your blog. With this in mind, we can decide what type of advertisements we can run on our site. 



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There are several types of ads that we can place on our blog. The most popular are banner ads and text ads.

     1.  Banner Ad

This is an image we place on strategic location within our blog with the purpose of creating awareness or providing information to our visitors regarding a certain product or service. Banner ads can be placed on the sidebar, on top of the content, within the content or on the bottom after the content. 

These images are linked to a product or service which we intend to sell. We place it on our blog with the main purpose of being clicked by the visitors.  This way, they would be brought to the page where the product or service is being served. 

     2. Text Ad 

Text ads are links placed within the content. It can be a word or phrase with the link to the advertiser's page.


Where to place our ad is crucial in generating sales for the advertisers. Here is a heatmap published by Google Adsense for best ad placement. Orange is the best while white is the worst.


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How much should I charge for ad space on my website? This is one of the common questions being asked by bloggers when it comes to selling ad space.

There is no specific rule on how to set pricing for our own site. Since we own our blog, we can set our own price. But in order to give us an idea of how we could do it, we can follow the example below.

Using our analytics, we can come up with a specific pricing schedule for our advertising. We can experiment with a small amount, then as our blog traffic grows, we can increase the amount. 


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 I found this simple computation from YaroStarak which I believe to be just the right way. This easy-to-follow formula is an answer to the most common question stated above.

You can charge X dollars per month, per ad, with X being equal to your daily visitors count divided by ten.

However, this is only a suggestion and as I said, we can implement our own pricing schedule so long as we can explain to our advertisers how we arrived at that price. The most important thing is that the advertiser agrees with us. 



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We may not be available online for 24 hours so setting our blog for automation would be a wise thing to do. We can embed Google forms to our blog as well as the payment method. Adding a PayPal Buy Now Button on Your Blog is a  good option. This way, we can continue with other tasks without worrying much about our prospective clients. Setting all the policies for accepting ad placements is also necessary. 

Here is another video which discusses comprehensively how much price you could charge an advertiser. 

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Though it may not be that easy, selling our own ad space could probably be the best option for monetizing our own blog. With a good blogging platform, high-quality contents and high traffic, we will earn a considerable amount from our blog without going through third-party companies.

Thank you, everyone, for dropping by. I hope that through this blog post, I was able to enlighten you on some aspects with regards to earning from our own blog. 

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are that of the author and does not in any way represent the agency or department she currently belongs.

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