Dinner 5/11/14

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Tonight I fixed Pork loin steaks with sage, dill, salt an pepper cooked on stove in cast iron pan used the same pan to make gravy for the mashed potato made with mayonnaise  instead of butter an cream. Then I made a vegetable pasta salad with Italian dressing, shredded carrot thin sliced purple onion, then sliced red an yellow sweet peppers and olives cut in fourths. For desert we had a yellow cake made with lard for the butter an almond milk for the milk I also added an extra table spoon of baking powder because the almond milk is heavier than cows milk. Topped the cake with marshmallow cream an almond milk chocolate I made myself.

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I am from out in the country self taught functional artist. I like wearable art. I use all sorts of things from thread to seeds, to make things that are pretty enough my family will ware it in public.

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