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  There's lots of bands out there, each competing for a chance to "make it big".  Not everyone takes the same path in achieving their goal and no single path is necessarily the right one.  Most of us out in life have to work very hard with little to no success early on before the tables start to turn your way (if at all).  There are however some who will be put on the fast track.  Those that come from this fast track demographic account for only a small percentage of people.  The point I'm making is that you should really enjoy what you are doing for yourself and no one else because invested time does not always equal success.

  This could not be more evident than in the DIY music scene.  Back in November I auditioned for the rock band "Hard Soul" based out of Albany, NY.  Fortunately I made the cut and have been playing and touring with them ever since.  During my time with the band I have had my eyes opened to many of the intricacies that go into creating, maintaining, and nurturing your own original rock band.  Specifically my band mates Johnny Salka, Justin Cheever, Erin Grimm, and myself are constantly networking to spread the good word.  Personally, I have band cards in my home, judo bags, and car so I can distribute them whenever I get the opportunity.  The networking never stops and is a full time gig in itself.  

  Advertising for shows is another full time gig in addition to learning and perfecting the songs.  Social media never sleeps.  Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail play a crucial role in advertising.  Salka also designs all of our band posters, books our gigs, and hosts an open mic every week (which was rated among the top 3 in the capital region by the way).  I'm sure I'm omitting many duties of the band leader and frontman but you get the point.

  "Hard Soul" will continue to operate on its own in the category of DIY, fueled by musical integrity, quality tunes, and solid chemistry.  Tracks are formulated, tweaked, and practiced in our own apartments, homes, and practice spaces until they reach an album that is funded by ourselves and generous supporters.

  At the end of the day the creation of a DIY album is truly sometime to take pride in and marvel at.  I look forward to contributing to our next one!



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