Do you submit to a film festival when the deadline is tomorrow?

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Its that crazy time at the moment. Where there is several film festival deadlines all coming to a head. The rules are that you don't or shouldn't submit to festivals right on the deadline?

I don't know if this is true. If you are a festival and read this, let me know your thoughts at the bottom of the page.

In the next few days Encounters Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and Aesthetica all have their deadlines.

I submit films that I make and also films that the students I work with.  I try to do as many as possible, I actually enjoy the process of submitting to a festival and see it like putting a bet on a horse or buying a lottery ticket. With the win being it getting selected. 

But with this process it really is about distribution of your films and you. By putting your work out there you are telling people about yourself. If they don't select you it could be for a number of reasons but at least they have seen your work.  They may select you next time based on what they have seen this time and the next film fitting the programme. 

This is all part of building up an audience and its something I have been trying to do throughout my career.

Below is my most successful festival short  and also where it has shown.

Movement # 1

31ème festival du court métrage de Namur :MEDIA 10-10. Namur, Belgium.

TIFF Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania.
Mikro_makro Festival, Slupsk, Poland.
April Screening, VIP Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
Screening1 The Public Gallery, Birmingham, UK.
Moves10 Movement on Screen Festival, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool. UK
Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia.
Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK.
Gaza's International Festival for Video Art 2010
Naoussa International Film Festival
Arts Fest Birmingham.
Basement Media Festival
Noisefloor Festival Stafford, UK 2011.
Strichley Happenings, Birmingham, UK 2011


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