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Grammar Section


01.-------have amphibious attributes, although not all are amphibians.

A.Much quadrupeds B.More quadrupeds  C.Many quadrupeds D.of quadrupeds

2. A dcscrt receives less than twenty-five ……..of rainfall every yean

A. centimeter                B. a centimeter             C. centimeter s           D.of centimeters

3…………….at 212 degrees F. and freezes at32 degrees F

A. waters boils                                      B. The water boils      C. water boils               D. waters boil

4. It is generally believed that an M.B.A.degree is good pteparation for a career in ………

A. a business                                        B. business                                            C.businesses                       D.one business

5.Unemployment compensation is money to support an unemployed person while he or she is looking for ……..

A. job                               B. a job                          c. works                     D. a works                                                                                     

6. Fire-resistant materials are used to retard …….. of modern aircraft in case of accidents.

A. a damage to the passenger cabin               B. that damages to the passenger cabin

C. damage to the passenger cabin                   D. passenger cabin’s damages

7. Hybrids have one more …….. per plant than the other varieties.

A. corns                   B. ear of corn                       C. corn ears                 D. corn’s ears

8. According to cstimates by some botanists,there are …….. of plants.

A. seven thousand type         B.seven thousand types         C. type of seven thousand             D. types seven thousand

10. ….. is not a new idea

A. the planning of cities   B. cities to plan them   C. plan cities   D. to planning cities

11. sunspots are known to cause…….. enormous increase in the intensity of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation

A. an B. a C. some D. one

12……….of country-western singer may be related to old English ballads.

A. the music b. Music C. their music D. Musics

13. …………..is an ancient source of energy.

A. The wind B. Winds C. wind D. A wind

14. At woolworth’s first five –and –ten-cent store,…………more then a dime

A. ncither items cost B. items not cost C. items one costing D. no item cost

15. One of ………….. of the late Middle Ages was saint Thomas Aquinas a scholar who studied under Albertus Magnus.

A. The thinkers who was great   B. the great thinker   C.the greatest thinkers D. who though greatly

16. Although southern California is densely populated ……. live in the northern part of the state .

A. a little people B. a few the people C. few people D a little of people

17. Although the Ojibwa Indians brought frequently with the Sioux, they didn’t have ……. with early white settlcrs .

A. much contact   B. lost contact   C. many contact D. large contact                                                                                      

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