E-Cigarettes (Part 7)

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Anti-smoking campaigners are concerned that e-cigarettes may ultimately do more harm than

In a report published in the South African Medical Journal, the director of South Africa’s National Council Against Smoking, Yussuf Saloojee, called e-cigarettes a “Trojan horse”, saying that the practice simply perpetuated people’s existing nicotine addictions, warning that tobacco companies’ “overall goal is to dissuade smokers from quitting, and that e-cigarettes are merely another means to this end.”

This sentiment is repeated in international trend and market surveys, which show that consumers who “would have been in the market for cessation products may now consider e-cigarettes a saviable alternative, or a healthy enough replacement of traditional cigarettes to delay quitting for good for a while longer.” Addiction specialists and those counselling a “harm reduction” model have a different take on it: e-cigarettes, they suggest, area “disruptive” technology that have the potential to undermine the control of Big Tobacco; a “gateway out of smoking” that could “further denormalise smoking and normalise safer alternatives.”

If you are wondering what to do now, here is the safest alternative – the only safe alternative: QUIT.
& Good Luck.

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