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In case you are curious about how to earn with blogging, learn that it is not difficult, especially if you like to write. You should find a field you are passionate about, so that you can continuously write about it. For a start, you can find platforms to host your blog for free. Of course, you need to know how to make a blog, what keywords to use. You must have something to offer and to be ready for a change, namely to always think about how to improve things.

After finding a website to post blogs on, the next step would be to register in order to receive ads (on Google Adsense, for example). Be attentive and make sure the section that displays the Google banners is perfectly integrated within the website as position, format and color, for a better conversion to clicks. The more visitors you have on the site, the bigger the probability for them to click those ads is. This is one of the online money making ways.

Another method of being paid to write blogs is through affiliate marketing. This could be the most beneficial way of money making from internet, but is also the slowest. People visit a blog for the articles that are less loaded with publicity, linked words, banners and pop-ups, because that is what they find on newspapers websites. Thus, with a well established affiliate marketing, you can win commissions without making violent publicity. Several banners need to be placed in the sidebar, under the blogroll,  Twitter feed or the partners.

Affiliate marketing represents the future in the filed of online publicity, because it is a very equitable method of promoting for all parties. You, as a blogger, make money online with internet, based on the quality of the ad.    
Another answer related to how to write a blog and get paid is represented by banner publicity coming from various companies (directly contacting sponsors and proposing to sell banners or links). To that purpose, connections with people who can help you place publicity on your blog are established. Everything is possible; it all depends on talent and dedication. 

Agencies and their clients follow articles on all blogs and pick bloggers who best match the promoted product. Moreover, the advantage belongs to the blogger who has an obvious  turn for tutorial, account, case study or argued prevision of future trends type of articles.

As a blogger who want to be paid to write blogs, you must prove that you want to sell, because agencies and clients will not remark you if you don’t stand out with something, don’t develop projects, don’t blare ideas and don’t get involved. Reputation is vital for a blog. It can be earned by offering interesting, useful, original content in a niche you wish to evolve in. Reputation is translated by editorial links, which generates PageRank, Trust Rank and better positions.

All bloggers are interested in online money making ways, because they invest a lot of time in this activity, which could be spent more productively. Fortunately, there are many possibilities for them.

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