Earth (part 2)

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The Bins


First of all I created a new set, keeping some form of consistency.  I added Graffiti on the walls, and a boarded window to make the scene look more like a back alley, rather than a main street. 


 The big Bin was made using green paper and card, with a recycle logo on the front, bits of newspaper was also added, then I just arrange everything to look a bit messy really!





I used the same bin bags as the previous scene, but added a few bottles, cans etc, these are hand made dolls house props, but obviously I want to keep a home made touch to the animation, so I haven't added too many. ( I was very tempted though).




Basically this scene explores well, the bins!  The beginning of this scene shows a little bit of the aliens talents, using a broken bone as the prop , the alien uses his little metal probe if you like, to magically make it a full perfect bone! Not only is it showing more interest to the alien character but also it helps create more of a bond between the two, (i.e helping the dog out with a friendly gesture).


This scene is also a test of the aliens curiosity, and the difference between his reactions to everyday objects, to that of ours (or a dogs).  I chose to use a bottle of fizzy pop, which the alien decides to drink....sending him a little queeeezy :).











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Toni Sian Williams specialises in promotional visual communications using stop motion animation for businesses and sole traders. She is greatly passionate about her work, and has been creating character sculptures since she was just 5 years old! :) ... Toni is also an illustrator and her work is mainly based…

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