Electoral deadlock

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After years of civil war and fighting, Afghanistan reached to a semi-democratic government and its main aim was to show democracy. To show democracy and people’s willing election was one of the necessary steps. We were facing different rounds of election in the country and attended in them. As usual election is used by people to show their viewpoints and attended in, very interestingly.

Our people’s attendance in election process and their long lines of to vote in election sites is surprising for all in and out of the country that witnessed it. Most of people could not believe it, what is happening that in this war torn country people go to voting group by group. It shows active role of our people in democratic processes and willing of democracy.

Presidential election did not get to clear result in first round, no one could get fifty plus one percent of votes, base what is mentioned in constitution of Afghanistan as it is the necessary bet of winning. The election went to the second round and millions of dollars spent to hold the second round. Again millions of people went to voting in dangerous situation and challenging security status to show democracy.

But unfortunately, everything did not go correctly and more documents came out that shows fraud in election by million and million. It shocked people. The electoral institutions could not satisfy people about the transparency of election process. So demonstrations started and people came to street. 

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