Electrical safety and electrocution and HSE emergency response

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  1. Don’t overload against electric circuits.
  2. Use proper Earthling with distribution boards and Equipments.
  3. All cables, joints insulated.
  4. Use proper plug for sockets to avoid of loose connections.
  5. Use proper size of cable.
  6. Don’t temper with Electric Appliances.
  7. Be aware of Main Switch Board.
  8. Switch of Electrical Machines before leaving your Office/ work Site.
  9. Call Electrician for Electricity related jobs.
  10. Get permit to work where required.
  11. Use Circuit Breakers with appropriate capacity.
  12. No cable in passage ways.
  13. High Voltage sign posted.
  14. Don’t use damage cable.
  15. Use proper tools for repair and maintenance.

HSE Emergency Response

  1. Follow the alarm system and video indication.
  2. Stop the work at once.
  3. Switch off the equipment.
  4. Vacate the work place.
  5. Muster at the muster point.
  6. Roll call or head count and call for rescue if required.
  7. Stay at assembly point till all clear signals are received.

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