Electrical wiring and used tools (part 1)

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We first of all, it will be that we have to address is wiring. Because first of all, it must be the address after this we will discuss tools used.

If we talk to us of electrical current from one place to another has been shown to save a net of wires.  It works wiring any Web of wires in the House or any place where we can be at the required equipment for the current run from wiring.

Then we talk about tools used in it. We have many different kinds are used in the wiring belt. Some of which I have done below and also spoke about their use.

1.  Pliers:

We have wiring and electrical system is the most used tools pliers, which is used for various tasks. Catcher, and the stars, which is used to apply the paste. There are also different types of are some are some form of notched jaw.



2. Screwdriver:

In addition, we have a screwdriver is also used. It is also very important and most used tools. It is used to open and the screw band.


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