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Sample Room


SAMPLE ROOM Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes……

by Mabey

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prepare before hiking


before hiking, you will needs something to bring for your tool.. 1. food 2. jacket 3.healt medicinie 4. tent 5. personal stuff that……

by asfaya_

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  I bought a dotting tool for doing nail art for 50 Pesos then I saw a whole set of nail art tool in Watson's for only leas than……

by purplegirl

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Data Recovery

Farrukh Rehman

It happens one day out of the blue. You sit down to use your computer and turn it on, but instead of being greeted by a warm welcome……

by farrukh-rehman

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John Hsu

 I have always wondered, what were the realistic weapons and tools ninjas used for stealthy acts of espionage or even assassinations……

by john-hsu

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