End Of Contract

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In last blog we discuss about marriage and we determine that it is relation that makes a society. As marriage is an agreement between a couple in which they share their everything with each other. The end of marriage contract is called divorce.

Divorce is an act which not only breaks a couple but also it breaks a whole family. It is an act which effects every member of the family and especially the young ones the children of the couple that divorced. This all mentally effects the children belonging to this couple. Sometime these children weak in their study and some time they leave their studies and got bad habits due to separation and negligence of their parents.

Question is why a couple separates? Mostly a couple separates due to financial problems or they do not meet each other mantel requirements. Sometime one of a couple or both of them cheats on each other. This is also a one cause of divorce. They fight with each other for their problems either these problems are mental or financial. This all make there bound weak and this all ends in divorce. In west divorce rate is too high. In western countries a person commonly divorced two or three time in his life. 


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