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1. The Prettiest girl in our class______ long brown hair and brown eyes.
a) With b) to c) am d) has
2. Sam _____always a lot of fun.
a) almost b) every time c) is d) am
3. He enjoyed _____ football.
a) To play b) playing c) played d) plays
4. Stop _____ .
a) To write b) writing c) writes d) wrote
5. He suggested _____ there.
a) To go b) going c) goes d) went
6. I will avoid _____ with him.
a) Mixing b) to mixed c) to mix d) mixes
7. He intended _____ a book.
a) Baying b) to buy c) bought d) buying
8. He failed _____ this.
a) To do b) doing c) does d) do
9. I forget _____ the money.
a) Bring b) to bring c) take d) takes
10. He refused _____ me.
a) Helping b) to help c) helps d) helped
11. To check for acidity, one had better_____ litmus paper.
a) Use b) using c) to use c) useful
12. Before the Angles and the Saxons _____ to England, the Iberians had lived there.
a) Coming b) come c) came d) did come
13. The theory of continental drift assumes that there _____ long term climatic changes in many areas during the past.
a) Must have been b) must be c) must have d) must
14. The general public _____ a large number of computers now, because prices are beginning.
a) Must buy b) must have bought c) must be buying d) buy
15. Harvard _____ a school for men, but now it is coeducational, serving as many women as men.
a) Was used b) used to be c) was used to d) was used to be
16. After her famous husbands death, Eleanor Roosevelt continued _____ for peace.
a) Working b) work c) the working d) to working
17. You were made _____ by me.
a) To laugh b) laugh c) laughing d) to laughing
18. He was let _____.
a) To go b) too going c) too go c) go
19. I got you _____ your behavior.
a) To changes b) change c) to changing d) too change
20. I got my robot_____.
a) Repaired b) to repaired c) repair d) too repair
21. We have to help janet _____ her keys.
a) Find b) finding c) to found d) found
22. Toshiko had her car _____ by a mechanic.
a) Fair b) to fair c) faired d) to faired
23. We demand _____ our status.
a) Knowing b) to know c) knows d) known
24. Mark got his transcripts_____ to the university.
a) Send b) sent c) sending c) to sent
25. We got our house _____ last week.
a) Paint b) painting c) painted d) to paint

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