Expansion of Social Media Usage in Female Schools of Afghanistan

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It is not a long time passing from Afghanistan Development Project, but still we see it is impressive achievement toward education and women empowerment in Afghanistan. The impressive achievement of this project can be students familiarization with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr; training scenario writing, training blogging and most of all creating an environment for Afghan women to express their ideas and thoughts who never had this chance before.

It seems to me as if it was few days ago when our team entered Baghnazargah High School for building the first computer class. When we talked to her about Afghanistan Development Project and its future programs for female schools she seemed to be very happy and she promised to help us as much as she could toward project goals accomplishment. But her attitude and behavior was showing that she doesn't believe in completion of such project. In one part of her speech she said “Different governmental and nongovernmental organizations and NGOs have promised cooperation in various fields which almost most of them have not been implemented.”

Once the school students learned about the implementation of such project, they were very pleased and every single student was trying to show her appreciation and enthusiasm about the project. One of the students said “Women are one part of the community and men together with women form human communities, but unfortunately in Afghan community they are not allowed to show their talents and reveal their ideas for some illogical reasons. Creating such centers at schools and training girls school with the usage of social media, will connect them with outside world and on one hand will promote their knowledge level and on the other hand teach them the lifestyle.”

In a country like Afghanistan where most families don’t let the women work outside, the implementation such project will be very vital and effective. Film Annex provide the bloggers and filmmakers an unspecified amount of money which is proportional with their activities or Buzzscore. Most of the problems in Afghanistan society comes from economical perspective where men work and women don’t, therefore women are dependent on men for their necessities. If women have an income they will be independent and it can reduce the average problems in families.

Now, a year is passed since the project is launched, and every day I see interesting contents are being written and shared by our school students. Viewing these contents, the students’ passion to write and share content with others and students happiness are making me feel proud to contribute the implementation of this project.

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