Facebook provide governments around the world on 38 k Facebook users; Should we be afraid?

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                Lately, there has been a lot of buzz going around the loss of our privacy (I have written various blogs about it), and so I planned to stay updated on how exactly are we bit by bit getting our personal space shrank. All this is happening amidst the exposing of “tracking cookies” and NSA, info given by the name Edward Snowden. This time, Facebook is involved- in other words, everyone is involved (assuming everyone uses Facebook).



                This news might sound surprising at first, but I will give reasons why it is not different than asking a suspect questions. In the first half of 2013, the government has requested several info and data on more than 38,000 casual users of Facebook. And you guessed it- more than half of the requests came from the US…figures.  What exactly does Facebook peers feel about this? Well, to summarize it, of course trust, privacy and transparency comes first…but if the US need info to prevent crime, and hazard, they are all in. They are enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide the US government as much info needed in order for US to prevent dangerous actions, or make accusations…

What else is Facebook hiding that we might not be aware of?

             Facebook understood it had to give a variety for the US statistics in order to give an indication of "all criminal and national security requests to the maximum extent permitted by law". How exactly does this affect the innocent users of Facebook? Not to surprise you or anything, but it is certainly possible that US could make mistakes, and end up investigating the wrong meat- and this has happened multiple times in the past. There is a very small chance that there has been other people following your page, and receiving statistics based on you (emphasis on small!), but there Is no worry, because US “tend” to be accurate with accusations, and will not jump on the wrong prey.

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