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All new Fantastic 4 is due to release in August this year. The new movie has included an all new cast and it's retelling the story of the beginning of the Fantastic four. Created by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment and Directed Josh Trank this movie is already a blockbuster.


As everybody (most of) knows Fantastic four is born with a space expedition that went wrong. This project led by Reed Richards included Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, Benjamin Grim and Victor Domashev. All of them survives but they are in extraordinary physical conditions that the humans (humans in the story) could never imagine.

New Cast

Mr.Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Mr.Fantastic aka Reed Richards is the brains of Fantastic four. He has an incredible power to stretch his cell for a limit that no human had ever achieved (actually he has no real limit). In 2007 Mr.Fantastic was played by Ioan Gruffudd, but this year Marvel had decided to use more young looking man to play him. The new guy is Miles Teller who is still 28. This is going to be a huge opportunity for him to do a big thing.

The Invisible Woman (Susan Storm)

The Invisible woman aka Susan Storm is not much a science nerd like Reed but she has a lot of brain in her head; or you can call it common sense. Her power of making objects invisible is a great deal and also can be used as a force field. There is no pinpoint scientific explanation for how she does that. This year she is played by Kate Mara, who is already made appearance in Iron man two, 127 hours, etc.

Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

The Human Torch aka Johnny Storm is the brother of Susan Storm. He has no sense of science nor common sense, but he is the everybody's favorite character, for his recklessness and the great sense of humour. His powers are magnificent as he can make his skin burn without burning himself; in other words Human Torch. In upcoming movie Johnny is played Michael B. Jordan.

The Thing (Benjamin Grim)

Ben Grim was named 'The Thing' by Johnny Storm during his unofficial interview at the trailer-bike stadium, in 2005 movie. We don't know how this movie is going to tell the scene. Ben is the character that is not satisfied with his powers. It's natural; who wanna be rock for the rest of your life? Anyway, Jamie Bell plays The Thing in 2015.

Dr.Doom (Victor Domashev)

Dr.Doom (nobody know where his did the doctor degree) aka Victor Domashev is a part of the space investigation that went wrong, but he is not one of the Fantastic four (because that would make it Fantastic 5). Victor turns in to a power hungry villain who is the arch-nemesis of the Fantastic four. In matter of fact Dr.Doom is the rank one villain in Marvel series. Toby Kebbell play Doom this time, he would make a perfect fit.




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