Feel so pain todaY..

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Hello friends how are today! This is me, and I like to share with you friends my today. Today I was wake up in so early. I was gone to bed for sleeping in late night. That’s why I had not complete the sleep which I was need. I had to wake up that time, because I had an important work. And I also had done this in morning.

When I was wake up that time I feel so bad. I was feeling some pain in my head. Then I was thought about fresh up. But after that time I was not feeling better. And that time I was have no choice for taking rest.

Then I was gone some were. In the afternoon I feel so bad. My head pain was rising.
I could not control myself. Then I was just sit and take some rest. After that I was come back in my home. It was already evening. At this time I also feel the pain. But I feel better than before. All guys please pray for me to be well. Have a nice day guys!........
Headaches are always bad :(

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