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Working opportunity is important for all men and women everywhere, and people do their efforts to be expert and specialist to be qualified for any field to use the knowledge for having effective innovation for offering to the society. We all do our best to do positive action for the society, as well as offering effective initiative to the environment where we are living and for life expenses and maintaining our financial requirements. Film annex is a company which cooperating with Afghan Citadel by implementing three project in Afghanistan including; Afghan development web TV, Women Annex and  Afghan perspective. they provided this vital opportunity for all men and women in Afghanistan.

 Film Annex and Afghan Citadel companies have pave the way for all to extension of working, especially; for women, beside of their activity out and home they can earn money and also increase their capacity by working in. Film annex and Afghan Citadel has attractive environment and all those who tend to show their capabilities in different sections such as; blogging, film making, Web designing, reporting, cooking show, fashion, modeling and so on, attend to this organization so that, they can earn beside the other business which they might be involve. Film annex and Afghan Citadel providing new and bright windows for all people from all over the world because they display all the achievements for all people in all over the glop by means of their especial Social Media.

 All the worker are connected to the exclusive social net such as Facebook, twitter, Share in, Tumbler  and Google + so that they could share all their  Achievement for all to be benefited from workmanship and innovations which they do during a certain time or period their.

Film Annex motivate all to be expert in all aforementioned fields by providing them essential materials and facilities for demonstrate their ability and talents for all the viewers all aver the global village from the Social Media. One of the most important and useful aspect of Film Annex is that we are working in Film Annex beside of the other business and work, it is also possible to work whether at home or at Office, we can do extra work with paying and it could be a equal source for capacity building  for all cortexes. The other thing which brings more motivation for members of Film Annex is Buzz Score which all are having the same and there is a somehow positive competition among all for having higher Buzz Score and Revenue. This fact causes more progress in trend of working and as well as the trend of quality in work I as the one of member of Film Annex wish more breakthroughs for those who are covering this organ.








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