Film Annex and painting of Afghanistan’s youth

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In the last week all the students made Film Annex accounts for theirselves and linked them with other social media as facebook, twitter, tumblr, gmail and linked in. some rules are imposed in FilmAnnex that could help the students to increase their abilities in blog writing.  The students learn about linking of the key words in their blogs.

The drawing classes are going to be held by Citadel Company in schools and the interested students will attend in.  Their abilities will grow by attending in these classes, and will learn new manners of drawing. In continues, a blog writing class will start in the next week and a lot of students could attend to that class.

The students could express their ideas, thoughts and opinions; they also could earn money and be independent financially by making account in Film Annex platform. They could share their experiences with the whole world and make them all aware. Blog writing and other programs that are held in schools by Citadel company could help the students to show their talents in their favorite major.

Citadel Company helped the girls and women of Afghanistan to improve their knowledge in technology, and increase their activities. Now the girls could easily reach to the social media and use the wide scientific stocks of them.

By all the facilities that Women’s annex, Film annex and Citadel Company provided for the students and girls in Afghanistan, they could improve and greater numbers of them will use the social media in future.

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