Film Annex Offers Amazon Gift Cards to Users in China, Italy, the UK, And Skype Credit - Spend your Bitcoin on the Marketplace

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After introducing Bitcoin as its official currency to reward is users last March, Film Annex launched a marketplace so they can spend their Bitcoin by buying Amazon gift cards.

The marketplace is now offering gift cards that can be used by users in the UK, Italy, and China, in addition to the ones already offered to users in the US. The gift cards are worth from 10£ to 50£ on, from 10€ to 50€ on, and from 100¥ to 300¥ on

That's not all! You can now also buy Skype credit to use to make calls through the Internet. More items to come soon!

In addition, our system now allow the price of the items in the marketplace to be automatically adjusted in real time according to Bitcoin's exchange rate.

Click on the shopping cart at the top left corner of Film Annex homepage, or click here. Select an item and click on 'Buy'. The amount will be deducted from your total revenues.

When you spend your Bitcoin on our marketplace, you don't need to wait 75 days for your revenues to be due, nor to reach the minimum of 0.2 BTC.

Friends in Europe and East Asia, start spending your Bitcoin now!


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