Film Annex Supporting Digital Literacy, Sustainable Education and Combating Bogus BOT Traffic

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Film Annex is an online film and article distribution company with nearly 300,000 registered users posting professional content every day. It generates revenues with advertising, Display Banners and Video Pre-Rolls. Film Annex works with the world's leading 28 ad-networks.


From Eyeballs to Brains:

Film Annex shifted its focus from the number of eyeballs and people looking at its pages and ads to the number and quality of brains watching, creating and interacting on and off on the Film Annex Network.


Drawing courtesy of Leonardo DaVinci.

Film Annex motivates the best filmmakers and writers to contribute with their ideas, stories and content at the highest professional levels, and be rewarded financially for them. It's the #PayForContent business model we developed in the last 6 years brought to the next level of quality and interactivity.

The Buzz Score:

The innovative application that allows us to measure the quality of content and the reach and influence of each user and viewer is called the BuzzScore. It's an algorithm that was implemented two months ago and that allowed Film Annex to increase the number of logged in users of ten folds and improve tremendously the quality of its content and social media presence.

By doing so, Film Annex also achieved two important goals:

a) Film Annex is combating and defeating the world of bots and suspicious traffic. The viewers are measured on what they create and the originality and quality of their content. Consequently, we can easily identify and block users who have a suspicious behavior and possibly a bogus bot traffic. Keep in mind that Film Annex users are NOT rewarded based on the number of people and eyeballs watching the ads, but on the quality of their content and social media interaction with the major social networks.



If a user brings bogus bot traffic, he or she will not be rewarded but will be banned from the platform, loosing its entire catalog of content and revenues. The users are also screened with the latest technology and filters. We don't allow iFrames, nor to embed our player with ads outside of the Film Annex network of websites approved by the advertisers. Film Annex is the safest environment available as no content is allowed if not monitored and approved.


b) Film Annex empowers people from remote developing geographic locations and countries to become Thought Leaders and generate revenues. Film Annex built 10 internet Labs and two Women’s Annex Centers, and connected to the World Wide Web over 50,000 students. It also trained over 5,000 girls to become social media experts, and generate revenues with digital scholarships through the Examer Content Creator, as well as digital revenues through the BuzzScore.



Film Annex is a big believer in:






Read more about Digital Literacy, Education, Knowledge and Learning, for Afghanistan, Central South Asia and other Developing Countries.


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Francesco Rulli.


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