Filming the-British Ceramics Biennial VIP Opening

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Our University has the brilliant asset of an in-house production company entitled 'Unique Media Production'. It offers amazing opportunities to students such as myself who are keen to take on some extra curricular work. On this occasion I was approached with a view to be camera operator for a ceramics event that takes place once every two years in Stoke-On-Trent (Home of the Potteries). My role on set would be to capture the vibe and feel of the event, recording the speeches, exhibits, performances and of course the guest's reactions. 


I LOVE camera operating- It's never been my primary role on set, but its a job I adore and love. I know my way round any standard industry camera and take so much joy in exploring a new camera and pushing it to it's limits. For this shoot I was equipped with a Sony EX3 and partnered with a fellow film student Liam who would be my Sound Recordist.

Filming events like this had always been an interest of mine but I'd never been given the chance until now to showcase my skills. I found the shoot challenging and buzzed off the adrenaline it provided. Being left to my own devices making sure I got the shots that were required. Challenges included- making sure I filmed the vital events and componants. Making sure I had good understanding of who the main guests were and the times of key performances. The biggest challenge in my eyes however was the competition. On the day a freelance filmmaker stood infront of my composed shot during a performance to block my frame and benefit his own work. I understand this is a competetive industry but the camera operator inside me screamed. I combated this problem by ditching the tripod and moving onto the floor getting wherever I could. (Getting covered head to toe in dust was well worth the shots)

Below are a select few frames from the footage:


Overall I am so pleased to have been part of this project and had the trust instilled in me. It has done wonders for my confidence and motivation to continue doing what I love.

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Katie Aldridge

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