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Started working today in my new job as an email technical support for a software company. New colleagues are totally accommodating and I feel like a bit shy at first but then I learned that one of my seatmates is also new to the company so I started to feel comfortable. The only thing is that I am sitting in the middle of the developers so I am feeling awkward to be in the developers area when I am only an email support. But then I am now fine with it as the person on my right is a new one as well.

So, what did I do today?

First was I started the pc and I thought I was using my own computer as I opened bitlanders! Oh I am used to doing that thing so I closed it and opened my email account instead. It's a good thing that bitLanders is not blocked though, well most websites aren't blocked at all but then, google keep is so I guess I will be using the google apps instead and not the direct website.

So I was able to get my notes up after installing the google keep app on my google chrome browser. I love that the bookmarks and settings syncs with my google account so I don't have to worry about the things I did and saved on my browser at home! Synchronization is indeed a great asset for any application or websites.

The boss was not yet at the office so I had time to write this. Yes, I wrote this while in the first hour in the office. I don't know what to do though, my colleagues are all opening up facebook and other sites, some were even watching a movie! This is just so cool! Now, I wonder what time the boss is coming over. I should be on training I suppose but then I have to wait for instructions.

Anyway, I will end here in this line since that's the only thing that I am doing right now aside from chatting with my husband and an old friend.

How is your day so far dears?

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