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Play Free Chess Win Real Cash



We love chess.

Before we ever began building VelocityChess, we were lifelong players who share an appreciation and fascination with the game. We nurtured the idea of VelocityChess for a long time, contemplating our experiences while playing chess both online and offline with people around the globe, and thinking about what it is that connects people to the game. Without the collective passion and commitment that we all have for the game, VelocityChess would never have been born.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to create the most active and exciting chess community in the world -- and most importantly, thank you for playing chess!

We encourage you to drop us a note with any input, suggestions or feedback on how to make your experience with VelocityChess and our community even better. We’ve been working on VelocityChess since early 2012 and we’ll never stop improving: features and functions, player value and your overall gaming experience will be in constant evolution. Take part alongside us!

If you want to stay fresh on everything new and improved in the world of VelocityChess, 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. In addition to news and insights into what the future will bring, we’ll be offering special promotions and giveaways that you won’t want to miss!

Our mission


After many years and countless hours both playing and thinking about the game, we took it upon ourselves to take the gameplay experience of chess online to the next level. And with it, the value and overall experience that we can offer to people around the globe.

We’ve built VelocityChess to make it easy for people of all skill levels to play and compete with each other, and love their experience through enhanced social-competition that allows chess to flex its muscles and become as dynamic and fast-paced as any game could hope to be! VelocityChess is the ONLY chess website that literally rewards you for just playing games.

Once you give VelocityChess a try, you won’t know how you ever played chess any other way.






  • Play Chess for vChips and Earn Prizes

  • Exchange vChips for Cash and Gift Cards

  • Earn Bonuses by Completing Daily Challenges


    • Chat Rooms, Buddy Lists, & Instant Chat

    • Player Stats, Game Histories, & Profiles

    • Sound Packs and Premium Board Options


      • Handicap Games by Time and Piece

      • Unlimited Matchmaking Options

      • Grand Prix Handicap Tourneys

      • 100% FREEPLAY

        • Daily Freeroll Tournaments

        • Free Virtual Currency

        • Unlimited Games for Free

        • Enjoy Free Gold

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