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 In a time when fast-food is everywhere with the golden arches of McDonald’s around the corner and the king of Burger King blasting on your T.V. screen, having your kids eat healthy becomes quite a challenge.

As I was walking to the local grocery store the other day and I noticed a couple of very overweight if not obese children practically wobbling with their family members who were equally overweight and the problem seems to be fairly obvious, it starts with us.


Honestly speaking, how can we expect our kids to eat healthy when we consume all of the junk imaginable from sugar-overloaded Pop-Tarts or I-HOP unlimited pancakes for breakfast and a Wendy’s or McDonald’s “happy meal” for lunch or dinner, it is no wonder our kids do not make the right choices for a healthy diet.

Basically if we want our kids to be healthy and live longer, more nutritious lives, we have to do the same. When it comes to dieting, you should not be dieting rather making lifestyle changes for the livelihood of you and your family.

With that being said, there are some really healthy ‘superfoods’; for kids and adults alike to continue from with my previous list a couple of days ago.


One of the easiest and greatest ways to provide some nutrition to your child’s life is by incorporating more fruit into their diet. It sounds simple enough but many kids and adults lack the necessary balance of fruit to carbs and so forth.

My main fun fruit additions are berries since they are loaded with antioxidants, kiwifruit and oranges or citrus fruits for that added boost of vitamin C. Fruit also provides a lot of fiber, keeping our kids regular. 


The great thing about fruit is that children love it, it’s sweet, colorful and fun. All you may have to do to add a little more motivation for your child is take out the junk and cut up some melons or strawberries in fun shapes like hearts or stars; they will not be able to resist. 

When it comes to our children I’m sure we always want what’s best for them so we have to start making some changes, and that change starts with us.


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Our childrrren are social beings. They come into the world programmed to respond and relate to others. Through adulthood, children's development is among the most important activities of life.

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