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Free Radicals

Lucky Charm

Are you familiar with this two word phrase? Free radicals. Well maybe. But what are free radicals really in its simplest meaning?……

by Blessed-Charm

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Ivym Miguel Mugar

I would like to share this product not to invite you to some Multilevel-Marketing Business but to encourage you to use this……

by Migi

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Drinking Tea

Doods Relator

Drinking Tea Why should we drink tea more than alcoholic beverages? What are the important health benefits that we should be getting……

by Doodsdpogi

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Medicine (Magda Ryszkiewicz)

Struggle with inflammation, stiffness, maybe even indigestion? Turmeric may be your answer.  For those looking to avoid prescription……

by maya-davenport

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Our childrrren

 In a time when fast-food is everywhere with the golden arches of McDonald’s around the corner and the king of Burger King……

by Ourchildrrren

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Tea or Coffee?

Cosmin F. Negru

offee and tea are some of the most consumed beverages. Besides the particular flavor them individually, these drinks are healthy.Citeste……

by thecosmos

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