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 We all have some very unique and loving family traditions and it never hurts to add one more. For any of you who enjoy some great heartfelt family traditions (which is all of us) then by all means take any one of these and apply them to your family.

 One of the most comforting and greatest family traditions that I absolutely adore is a monthly Potluck (or every two weeks, if you’d like). Who doesn’t love a great dinner with lots of tasty comfort food?

When it comes to the monthly Potluck, get into contact with some friends and family and designate a house for everyone to meet and bring a delicious meal of their choosing. This brings down cost for every member when it comes to entertaining and just as fun.

 Also, give your new Potluck tradition a little twist by rotating houses each month and themes. So, have Italian one month, and Thai another month. This family tradition is oh so tasty and will definitely keep the family close.

Another great tradition that I really enjoy is a family sporting event or “Fam-lympics”, where the entire family goes to the park when the weather is nice and sunny and takes part in mini competitions such as ring tosses, potato bag races, three-legged races, volleyball or any challenge of your choosing.

 Make it a bit more fun and creative by creating teams and giving everyone a different color bandana to wrap on their arms, head or wherever they choose.  Have each team create a fun name and write it down on a little whiteboard.

 The “Fam-lympics” are super fun for any family and are perfect for any family reunions, especially for those grand big families. Kick it up a notch by adding in some great BBQ grub, which will surely appeal to everyone’s appetite after the games.

 If your family doesn’t “do” traditions then no worries, you have to start somewhere so might as well start with you.

All in all, these family traditions are focused on building and maintaining close relationships with family members especially in a day and age when everything seems to have gone digital and many lose touch with their relatives.

 So try it out and then tell me how much fun you’ve had.


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