Gameboy, That's my toy

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Another throwback to our favorite game consoles that we play and this time it is GB a.k.a Gameboy which release in 1989. And the one that I have played back then is gameboy light which release in 1998 requires at least a triple AAA battery to play. Still remember this one?


I played it also along with my older brother, and do you know some of games this console have?

Yes, if your a fan of this console for sure..You played Pokemon , castlevania or Kirby's dreamland. If you asked me , my first gameboy &game is Donkey Kong and castlevenia this are nice game to play . Also Mario's Picross is one of my all-time favorites. Now with my friend we played the VC version on his 3DS for over an hours -- more than any other game on the console. There's also teenage mutant ninja turtle , and also addicted to this game.hahaha...


One thing for sure , I cannot forget my precious childhood memories back then when I'm playing my favorite games in this old console .And giving a chance I want to have it now and still playing this time around.


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