Genesis, a Company for the People, by the People!

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Our Company:


Genesis is a legal corporation registered in Belize and is a closely held private company. Genesis was started because we were flat out frustrated! We were tired of being let down by companies after spending a lot of time, energy and money in them and watching our financial dreams become nightmares. We still believe in this industry and rather than quitting, we decided to start Genesis to become a beacon of hope for people like us and for others around the globe.


Our Vision:


It is our vision to build GENESIS GLOBAL NETWORK™ into a Premier Global Marketing Company in the next five years. We will achieve this by:

  1. Attracting and empowering at least 1 million affiliates by providing a strong, reputable and stable opportunity for men and women from all walks of life around the world.
  2. Creating a strategic alliance with millions of small to mid-size businesses by helping them expand their products and services into the world market place.


Our Mission:


"It is our Mission to Serve our Clients
And to Empower our Members to
Achieve their Financial Goals through
Our Unwavering Commitment to
Excellence in Building Relationships."


Our Core Values:


GGN strongly believes that every business must embrace a core set of values from which all decisions originate, resulting in successful outcomes for our clients and affiliates that are consistent with our mission.

  1. We Seek and Rely on Godly Wisdom.
  2. We are Always Moral, Ethical and Legal.
  3. We Treat Everyone with Respect.
  4. We Seek Quality in Everything We Do.
  5. We Uphold the Highest in Customer Service Standards.
  6. We Have a Competitive Determination to Be The Best.
  7. We Are Truthful and Transparent in Our Communications.


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