Glass blowing industry in Afghanistan

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Allah created human as human creatures the development and supply of the fine art of glass casting. Glass is the strangest human material that is familiar with it.

So there is no substance to be as weak or as useful as glass casting a fresh and beautiful industry in Afghanistan did not supply craft glass art through the centuries and at the moment it is the creator of interesting and valuable artistic products for art lovers.

Of the machinery industry grew and replaced all traditional crafts and will replace the working man. furthermore the benefits that had a positive impact on numerous speed and product of materials, but it had irreparable detriments for art that is a part of each society’s culture that glass blowing is one of them.

There are stone, pieces of glass and ink as the first materials of glass blowing that appear after copper burning and these are from Afghanistan’s mines.

Craft glass is now different from the past in our country years before it was weaker and no one paid attention to this valuable art, but now this art is stronger and people pay attention to it.

I hope a day that all foreigners come in our country to see this art and enjoy seeing it.


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I was born in Herat, Afghanistan.

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