Globe Antenna Attached!

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It has been more than two years since our internet connection was installed with Globe however, the technician who had installed it didn't care to put up the antenna stating that our connection is good enough for our subscribed plan since the tower which the modem connects to is just a distant away from our place. The connection has been okay until lately when we are experiencing slow video streaming and Facebook as well isn't that loading the photos properly.

We had contacted the Globe customer service and although they had responded with the issue, their resolution was just to reset our connection, we demanded for the antenna to be put up since in the first place, the technician didn't bother installing before. However, they didn't agree on sending another technician instead, they just checked the connection and said it should be enough to the subscribed plan.

Well then if they aren't installing it, we decided to install the antenna ourselves. This morning we had installed it and finally got a full bar connection! Yepeey! We have subscribed for a 1gb connection but after installing the antenna, we have more than 2gb connection! Woot woot!

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