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Goin' Bulilit Opening Billboard Pilot Episode

"Goin' Bulilit" is longest and successful Philippine Children Gag Show produced by one of the Philippines' network giant ABS-CBN which have been airing for almost 11 years by now. "Bulilit" is a Filipino street term for "small child or a kid". This children comedy show is a comical spin of the 80's "Going Bananas" whose one of the original cast Edgar "Bobot" Mortiz happened to be the creator and the director of the said show.

Obviously, the program's castings are composed of kids ranging from as young as 3 years old to 12. When a kid reaches the age of 12, it's the time for him/her to graduate from the show. Every now and then new faces are being added to the said program as to replace someone or others who have graduated already, who had left voluntarily the show for some personal reasons e.g. school priorities, family migration to other countries and other inevitable factors. Mostly the kids on the show come from commercial advertisements on TV who had made mark on their roles that could have caught talent coordinator or agent's attention, auditions are being held as well and successful auditionees would be permanently included in the castings. There are some kids who come from various ABS-CBN's talent search programs and part of their winnings/prizes is to be included in "Going Bulilit".

✿ The current cast of Goin' Bulilit ✿

Goin Bulilit cast (with nine new kids)

( photo credit: www.bidakapamamilya.blogspot.com)

"Going Bulilit" boasts top caliber current actors and actresses who were produced by the said show whose names are making waves in the showbiz industry and being hailed as box office kings and queens. There are who have been trending lately in the Social Media.

✿ Top 10 Hottest ABS-CBN's stars Who Started from Goin' Bulilit ✿

1. Kathryn Bernardo

(Photos: The current and young Kathryn, Source: Google)

Hailed as the "Teen Queen" who was part of the show's second batch of graduates. She had been seen since a child in some TV commercials and now as a successful box office actress. She is well-known worldwide specifically on the younger generations because of the tandem "Kathniel" (look for the #Kathniel and you'd see why) short for Kathryn and her reel and real partner Daniel Padilla who's being hailed as the "Teen King". #KathNiel had trended so many times in the Social Media. Kathryn's breakthrough role was at the soap opera entitled "Mara Clara", a remake of 1992 television drama hit co-starring also her batch-mate Julia Montes where she played as Mara while the latter portrayed the character of Clara. Her name made more waves when the time she and Daniel Padilla co-starred in another soap opera entitled "Princess and I"

The "KathNiel" Loveteam

The "KathNiel" tandem rose after the successful TV program "Princess and I" and it paved way to a movie project in which the two are the lead stars. The movie was entitled "It Might Be You" that earned them to be crowned as the newest and youngest Box Office King and Queen, that lead eventually for them to be called as the "teen king" and "teen queen" because of the success of the movie.

Kathryn was also placed by FHM UK in the category "Top 10 Hottest Nations in the World" together also with a Filipina beauty Solenn Heusaff as the sexiest in the Philippines at the 5th spot, click for more details. More about Kathryn Bernardo here.

photo credit : www.jamesbangfiles.com )

2. Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz started in showbiznes as early as 5, she has been seen in various commercial on TV and print ads, and got included in "Goin' Bulilit" at the age of 6. Ella made her first lead acting debut in 2012 after she graduated from the show, in fantaserye short for "fantasy series"  "Aryanna" where she played a mermaid. You could check more of Ella Cruz here. Aside from acting, she had lately been showing her dancing skills through her viral dance videos in Social Media that put her name on trends and views. Her first video that garnered 8.4 million views as of this writing in YouTube is dancing with the song "Twerk it Like Miley"

3. Julia Montes

Julia Montes is a batch-mate of her on and off screen best friend Kathryn Bernardo, they both started in doing TV commercials and print ads. She landed in the show "Goin Bulilit" in 2008 when she used to be a chubby girl then. She is ABS-CBN's crowned "Royal Prinsesa ng Drama" or (Royal Drama Princess). Just like her other fellow female batch-mates, Julia had graced already lots of Magazine covers. Currently she stars in ongoing afternoon drama series entitled "Doble Karawherein she played dual role.


To find more about Julia Montes just click on this link.

4. Miles Ocampo

Became the mainstay of the show and part of the 1st batch in 2005 and graduated as part of the 6th batch in 2009. She's currently part of ongoing TV evening and afternoon programs since 2011 "Home Sweetie Home" and "LUV U" respectively. Still appearing in various guesting on TV shows, TV series and continuously doing movies. Find more about Miles Ocampo here.

5. Sharlene San Pedro

Sharlene San Pedro is a product of ABS-CBN's Talent Search Show "Star Circle Quest: Kids Edition" where she landed 1st runner-up back in 2004 at the age of 5. Eventually became the mainstay of "Goin' Bulilit" and as part of the 1st batch who entered the said show. Currently she is also stars in the afternoon teen comedy show "LUV U" where she co-stars her best friend Miles Ocampo. She graduated from the show as part of the 7th batch in 2011. She got her first acting award in 2009 at the age 10 as the "Most Popular Child Actress" by the award-giving body Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation. You could check more about Sharlene through per personal website www.sharlenesanpedro.com 

6. Nash Aguas

nash aguas of bagito

Just like Sharlene San Pedro, Nash started his television debut at the age five and also was a product of the talent search show "Star Circle Quest: Kids Edition" in 2004 where he bagged the Grand Prize. Became part of the 1st Batch of "Goin' Bulilit" in 2005 and graduated also as part of the 7th batch in 2011. He had bagged numerous acting awards, starred in various movies and countless television shows. His current shows are "Bagito", "LUV U" and "FPJ's: Ang Probinsyano" . Get to know more about Nash here.

7. Kiray Celis

 Johanna Ismael Celis or better known as Kiray Celis, was also part of the 1st batch to enter the show and graduated as part of the 3rd batch in 2007. Prior entering "Goin' Bulilit", Kiray was discovered when she joined "Munting Miss U" or "Little Miss Universe" on one of ABS-CBN's former TV Program MTB or "Magandang Tanghali Bayan". Thereafter, she'd been included in various TV shows and programs, starred in some movies and invited on various TV guesting and became part of "Goin' Bulilit". Currently she's also part of the show "LUV U" where she played the character of Whitney who are oftentimes being bullied by her classmates because of her looks.

8. Jane Oineza

Jane Oineza was a commecial model since the age of 5 before she got her first TV appearance and role in television evening drama series "Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan" in 2001. In 2003, she got included also in another evening drama series "Sana'y Wala ng Wakas" and many more thereafter. She got included in "Goin' Bulilit' in 2005 as part of the 1st batch and graduated among the 5th batch in 2008. Her acting skills was recognized internationally in 2012 when she won a "World's Best Actress Certificate" for her role in Maalaala Mo Kaya's episode "Manika or "doll"  at the Emmy's. Also in 2013, for the same role, she got nominated in the New York's Festival International for a category "Best Performance by an Actress". Watch her performance in the video as follows:

Jane's current ongoing TV shows are "Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita" and "LUV U". More of Jane Oineza here...

9. Alexa Ilacad

Alexa was discovered in a TV commercial Vaseline shampoo in 2004 and 2005 that gave her the opportunity to be in the showbizness through "Goin' Bulilit" as one among the pioneer. She graduated for the said show only in 2013, she's a budding and promising star because of her charm and beauty. She had appeared as well in various TV commercials and print ads. She had also starred in numerous "Maalaala MO Kaya" episodes. She joined ABS-CBN's afternoon youth-oriented show "LUV U" in 2012.

10. Bugoy Carino Jr.

A product also of ABS-CBN's talent search Star Circle Kid Quest in 2009 and he was the grand winner of the said competition. This young "dance floor dynamite" who used to be a member of a dance group "Higher Level" at the young age of 5. Because of his attitude and charm in the dance floor, he had caught the heart of many ABS-CBN's producers. He became a regular cast of "Goin Bulilit" after he won the talent search in 2009. By 2012 at the age 10, he was officially launched as a child star in his own evening fantaserye "E-Boy", him, as a lead actor. At a young age, he had already won 5 acting awards including one international award as the "Best Child Supporting Actor" for the film "Alagwa" given at the 1st Asean International Film Festival and Awards in Malaysia. More about Bugoy, just click this link.

✿ Show's Highlights ✿

Goin' Bulilit 10th Anniversary Special

The Goin Bulilit graduates with Direk Bobot Mortiz

 ( the reunion photos of some of the previous casts of the show who already graduated )

The most special episode aired by the show was when it marked its 10th year anniversary last February 1, 2015 celebrating the success of being the longest running and still ongoing kiddie gag show in the country. It had brought back former "bulilit" child stars and reunited with one another for an ultimate throwback episode . As part of he celebration, the usual sketch format and segments were not seen but instead special performances were offered by both the graduates and the present casts of the show. There were song and dance numbers rendered by the "Bulilit" stars. Flashing back episodes back then when they were young.

Video teaser for the 10th year anniversary "Throwback Special episode:

( Inset: Miles Ocampo, Sharlene San Pedro, Jane Oineza, Angel Sy and Hopia Legaspi)

( Inset: Mika Dela Cruz, Hopia Legaspi, Eliza Pineda and Kristel Fulgar )

( Inset: Nikki Bagaporo, Mika Dela Cruz, John Carl Barrameda, Kiray and Cha-Cha )

( Inset : CJ MAnalo, Igi Boy Flores, Steven Christian Fermo and Yong An Chiu )

( Inset: L-R, Clarence Delgado, Bugoy Carino, Jane Oineza, Mika Dela Cruz, Nikki Bagaporo, Izzy Canillo and Mutya Orquia )

Goin' Bulilit in Korea for 9th Anniversary Special

Goin' Bulilit 8th Anniversary Special - Showdown between Bugoy and Nash Aguas


Goin' Bulilit 7th Anniversary Special

Goin' Bulilit 6th Anniversary Special - Graduation 7th Batch

Goin' Bulilit 5th Anniversary Special - Summer Outing Misibay Bay

As part of the celebration, the kids were brought to Misibay Bay in Albay, Bicol Region, Philippines. 

Goin' Bulilit on Misibis Bay (1)

Goin' Bulilit on Misibis Bay (2)

Goin' Bulilit 4th Anniversary Special - Graduation 6th Batch

Child stars Miles Ocampo, Igi Boy Flores, Nikki Bagaporo and Katrina "Hopia" Legaspi share their fun and memorable experiences during their Goin' Bulilit days.

Goin' Bulilit 3rd Anniversary Special (Tribute  for GB Graduates)


✿ The present casts of Goin' Bulilit (In alphabetical order) ✿

The new additions as of 2015:
















From the prior batches and still on the show:

Bea Basa

Belinda Mariano

Brenna Penaflor

Clarence Delgado

Harvey Bautista

Izzy Canillo

*Special Cast: Dagul*

Dagul is the oldest and the only adult among the group. In addition, he is the only person who will not be leaving or "graduating" in the show

 ✿ More about the show ✿

Goin' Bulilit is primarily a gag show which casts completely composed of child actors with the exemption of Dagul. It is a comedy show format letting the child actors to portray adult roles, doing gags, sketches and segments, who are instead of playing role based on their age, they are made to portray adult characters such as teachers, doctors, married couples, etc. They do music videos of different genre of various artists local or international with the kids performing on the said videos replacing the original casts. The show also makes spoofs of different movie scenes, famous television drama or comedy series and telenovelas.

Sample of Music Video "Worth It "

Spoof of Evening Action-Drama Series " Ang Probinsyano"

The show has been doing these formats since its pilot episode in February 5 of 2005 and have already garnered various recognition from different award-giving bodies. It has also gained a strong followership nationwide. The show's achievements that have gained locally has translated globally when it started episodes taken from other countries like Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The show believes that not only "laughter is the best medicine" but also "comedy is universal"

✿ Follow and more of Goin' Bulilit ✿

Goin' Bulilit Facebook Official

Watch episodes via TFC




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