Google sued for nude photos of celebrities

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Circulation of nude photos for the artist to make the artist's time so furious. Entertainment lawyer, Marty Singer, has threatened to sue Google.

After a few hours since the emergence of nude photographs of the artist, Google is directly removing nude photos that exist in the Internet world. However, they are sometimes missed and the photos still show up again and again, even though they have closed the accounts that led to the nude photographs. But, alas nude photos of the artist can still scattered everywhere.

On that basis, an entertainment lawyer named Marty Singer, had planned to sue Google for violating privacy. Singer says, "Google does not take action quickly, and they are responsible for removing the pictures."

Artist like Ways Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian, becoming some of the names who are victims of hacking nude photos. They is what ultimately sent Marty Singer to sue for damages, because the violation of their privacy.

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