Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review in 300 words or less

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I would take this review with a pinch of salt. Firstly I am not the biggest fan of superhero films but Guardians Of The Galaxy is surprisingly self-aware. This approach to a marvel film is refreshing and I for one hope to see more of this style.


Structure: Guardians of the Galaxy follows the classic tried and tested formula of most marvel movies. This is not a bad thing for many moviegoers, which is evident in the box office sales. How does this differ from them restrictive guidelines? Humour, self-awareness and pop culture references. From Half Life sound effects to Mass Effect styled cities and spaceships. The colour pallet is also vibrant and often felt over saturated (but in a good way) because everyone love colour, right?


CGI: The CGI was impressive throughout as was fluidity of the movement. Unlike dawn of the planet of the apes the CGI was not realistic to finer details. It felt like the grand scale of the universe was more important than the minor characteristics of the planets. This is by no means a bad point but I did feel that there was a sense of ‘copy and paste’ from previous films.


Musical score: The score was interesting owing to splicing of songs from yester year (which may be wasted on the younger audience) with marvels archive of dramatic music. The legendary score from The Avengers was implemented towards the end. In a bid to say “I’m a marvel film; don’t forget that, remember The Avengers? Whether this was there for a reason or just lazy sound design? We will never know.


Overall: 7/10

The balance of humour and action made this movie a worthy watch for fans and casual superhero watchers. 

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