Hands on experiences from film annex (G.I.V.E)'s combat veteran new outlook

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My day started bright and early today at around six a.m. this morning as my fiance woke me when it was time for her to wake up for work.  Whenever I'm back in NYC for leave from the Marine Corps or just for a few days I always drive her to work and also pick her up as we don't have much time together.  What I liked most about this particular morning is that we took the train together and I hung out with her for awhile at her school where she works as a teacher untill my day started with Francesco Rulli and getting started with Filmannex.  The more I am productive here in NY and with Filmannex the more it reminds me that it's almost time for me to come home for good.  Also getting paid to write blogs is another productive hobby of mine.

Francesco and I started off at B&H profesional film equipment store to pick up camera supplies that I will later in the day learn how to use to film my own documentaries along with educational videos to go along with them.  As I looked around inside of this store I saw further what I was getting myself involved with and I immediatly had a feeling that I wanted to learn everything inside and out for a business perspective I could use in the future.

As I learned step by step how to use the video equipment and got to stand behind the camera for the first time while shooting an interview with Mike Sweeny as he answered questions on Filmannex's Afghanistan developement project about building schools in Afghanistan and veteran business opportunities,  once again I felt the immediate ambition to go to the next step.  Also as I accompanied Francesco to my first corporate advertising meeting on setting up future advertising ventures was another educational business opportunity to add to my mental portfolio.  The mentorship I'm receiving while here can equal more and more progress for (G.I.V.E.) and future veterans.  One problem I'm used to having and I believe I've finally found the place where it can be used as proactive problem is I always want to see what's next.  There is always another step up.

My conclusion for the day is there is not a person alive that can tell me they cannot achieve what they want out of their life.  I went from being a combat veteran in the US Marine Corps. infantry where my rifle was my computer and Iraq and Afghanistan were my office to now productivly writing veteran blogs, filming documentaries and playing a positive role that can benefit (G.I.V.E) as an open door for all veterans.  I've been using everything as a learning experience and the hands on work and time I believe has benefited me more than any classroom I have ever sat in, but that's just me, I cannot speak for everyone on that one. All I can say to myself as this day comes closer to an end, is thank you to all my fellow veterans mostly those who paid the ulimate sacrifice so I have the freedom to sit behind this desk  and to keep learning and pushing myself to the next step. There are no limits I set for myself. I'm excited to see how big of a future I can build for my family, Filmannex, and myself.  Let's see.


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