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This is my first post and I wanted to post about something close to my heart. Reading Harry Potter fanfiction is one of my favorite past times. NO matter what happens I read some type of story at least once a day. Even if I am reading something else at the time. I believe that I have a problem. What is so great about Harry Potter fan fiction you ask? Well, it lets you read about the world of Harry Potter but it does not necessarily follow the books. You get to enjoy Harry Potter the way you want to. Even if you never read the books or watched the movies it is a great option for reading. The characters are just so expendable.  I think that is why it is one of the most popular options on fan fiction sites. 

I know that some people do not like fan fiction because they believe that the works of others should not be changed. Or they will only read stories that follow canon, which means that it sticks to the story line. I think that the point of fanfiction is to change it as you see fit. as long as something is the same then I see no harm. some of the best works of fanfiction are ones that do not follow canon. I personally do not like canon as far as the relationships go. That is one of the main reasons that I like reading fan fiction. I am a Dramione fan first and foremost and a Hermione and anyone else but Ron second. Dramione is the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. If I was honest I would say that, in the books, I saw Harry and Hermione being together. But in my head I want Dramione. I know that he was horrible to her but people change. Also, they say the person who bothers you the most wants to be with you. I know that it can mean the same for Ron but he was horrible to her and he was supposed to be her friend. I do not see that as OK. With Draco, I can understand. He wasn't her friend so he doesn't have to be nice to her. With Ron, it is expected. Sure both could change but Ron was just not on her level in many aspects, mostly mentally. It's not about taming the bad boy. It's about how do they connect. 

This is what is great about fan fiction. you get to explore all of these things. I have read so many different things. For example, there are some pretty great stories where Voldemort is not all bad. I can see him changing also. He and Harry have a lot in common. All Voldemort needs is a little love from someone sane, not Bellatrix. There are just so many different ways to go with fan fiction. I think everyone should give it a chance. It does not have to be Harry Potter. Choose your favorite category and be amazed at what you get. 

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