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*Are you and your guy constantly arguing and fighting ?

*Does it make you feel like can’t stand and want to move on ?

*Are you make a decision you might regret ?

*If your answer is "YES" So, look at the reasons why you argue all the time,,,

1) Work Stress :-

  • Ladies,,,Do not think that work does not affect him at home, or HE is able to leave his work issues on his desk before leaving, it’s not true as Stress at work leads him to remain stressed at home, so as much you can try to really make the home the place where he can forget all his problems.

2) Money :-

  • As we know that money is the biggest reason of argument in any relationship, So don’t let financial issues takes a big part from your daily life. Plan free (or cheap) ways to spend time together and set plans for your incomes expenses.

3) Trying to Be Someone You are Not :-

  • Sometimes, SHE is trying to be someone she is not and pretending to be the kind of woman she thinks he wants her to be, then she is going to resent. Likewise, if SHE is trying to make him the kind of guy she wants (but he is not), then they are going to have some fights (problems) ahead. Be yourself and let him be himself. It’s not really love if it is not the real you he’s in love with.

4) Depression :-

  • Depression has a negative impact on many relationships. When you are sad, nobody can bring you out of it, you have to work through it alone. If you’re depressed (or your partner is) then it may be a good idea to seek counseling together to get you through this tough time. Arguing will not help the situation, and sometimes it’s hard to stop the arguments when one person is suffering through depression.

5) presence of Boredom :-

  • From my point of view that boredom is an illness and hope if were medicine for it, but you have the solution. You can go out and have some fun together, see if this does not help bring a little love back into your relationship.


6) Lack of Communication :-

  • Ladies,,,sometimes there really are times HE has nothing on his mind , he wants to stay silent as he may has a problem. Don’t think that your lover is spending time with another. Open your communication and talk to each other. If something’s on your mind , you have to share it with him. He wants to know that you trust him with all your feelings and you will feel better. When you have something on your mind, or He has something on his, you have to be able to talk openly about it because Hiding feelings usually makes us feel like our partner is hiding something devastating.

7) Lack of Affection :-

  • Little things are important in a relationship. It’s very important to continue to show affection to your partner. No need to (saying “I love you” regularly), you can express it by caring of your partner, text message even by a flower.

8) Too much time together :-

  • The more time you spend with your guy, the more problems you will have. Sometimes people need time apart. You are still an individual human being, and it means that you need time to yourself  "Pick up a hobby"

9) Too little time together :-

  • On the other hand, if you and your guy don’t see enough of each other because of your different work hours or business places, there could be arguments, so try to plan a weekend getaway together to refresh your love by spending time ignoring the rest of the world.

written by:- MARWA HASSAN


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Marwa Hassan was born in 1993,Egyptian and studying at faculty of commerce English section at cairo university(FCES),,,

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